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Lyric Sheets

Wed, Dec 4, 2019, 9:31 PM

Stevie Tombstone has been among my favorite artists for well over 25 years. Surely one thing that makes his songwriting so powerful is the sincerity of his words. Tucked away in any of his dozens of tunes are these profound turns of phrase, absolute gems of the language, which with a few words can bring goosebumps, a smile, tears or perhaps all three at once.

His skills with a guitar are not in question, but I’ve always felt that his best lyrics stand on their own.

And a chance to have a fine piece of poetry handwritten by the poet is a rare thing. I suggested to Stevie that there are many such fans as myself who would jump at the opportunity to have a “lyric letter” from him, for ourselves or to share with a loved one.  I think he warmed to the idea pretty quick. We keep him in groceries and used tires while he’s working on some new tunes and take away a one-of-a-kind keepsake… a page of lyrics to the Stevie Tombstone song of our choice written in his own hand!

The only complication I’m finding is which songs to choose.

Vance Pollock

  • host of Riffin’

  • 103.3 Asheville FM

Make your request and or dedication from any song in the Stevie Tombstone Catalog.

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