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Hand-To-Hand Troubador

Aaron Irons / Published On February 28, 2023

Stevie Tombstone’s saga canopies like a rock n’ roll oak, the kind with wild, ever-searching roots that tangle and gnarl above the earth. Career-wise, his boxset would be monstrous, a cornucopia of lost highway narratives hauled from Georgia to Texas to California to New York and all points in between, shredding rockabilly gospel and living the troubadour’s lovely curse one song at a time.

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Stevie Tombstone - Greenwood - American roots uk

Stevie Tombstone has been making some great music for the better part of three ... This is followed by the Greenwood, the tremendous title track that perfectly ...

Stevie Tombstone - On the Line | Hardcore Country and ...

For this outing Tombstone has produced a stripped back sound that is centred by his heartfelt and hall-marked vocals. These are songs drawn from deep inside a soul that has seen the voraciousness of life and how it manages to uplift and also, on occasion, crush the spirit that is central to us all. 

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Feb 22, 2012 - But Slow Drunken Waltz's simplicity is purposeful, and with songs this powerful, there's no need for fleshing them out; this might endanger the ...

I Wish I was Back In Vegas

A real troubadour. A TRUEbadour. Stevie Tombstone plays 250 live shows a year. Always on the road, following his calling. When he is home, whenever that is, he hangs his hat in Austin Texas. His music is raw and very personal. He lives the life, he doesn’t just sing about it. I have heard him called a “musician’s musician”. I never really understood that term completely. I guess it can be interpreted as he should be more popular and recognized, but only musicians are smart enough to realize how good he is. Maybe there is a lot of truth there. I am not a musician, but I understand how good Stevie Tombstone is. His music is performed in the spirit of the great troubadours: Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, and Guy Clark to name a few. It is definitely edgy and also contains that punk rock energy and spirit. Just listen to My Bad Angel Eye (Track 13) on I Wish I Was Back In Vegas and you can hear that punk rock sound coming through loud and clear. This guy is the genuine article and deserves some acclaim.

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